Another Gamer Convinced They’ll Make It Big On Twitch

Ross Ball, 43, from Cornwall, has informed his wife today that he’s no longer going to go to work. Instead, he’s decided to give up a successful future as a barrister to pursue a Twitch career.

His recent Twitch streams where watched by at least ten people, giving Ross the encouragement he needed to change career paths.

“It just feels right.” adds Michael. “My gran said I have a nice voice. When I see such a large viewing audience, I’d be mad not to do it.”

Ross’ wife is understandably shocked about the decision. “We’re supposed to be saving for a new house and now this. He has a first class honours degree.” said Charlotte, understandably shaken by the decision. 

“Ten viewers is great” she adds. “Sadly it doesn’t put food on the table, even if he did receive a 50p donation yesterday.” 

We asked Michael if we worried about the future? 

“I had 3 new subscribers this week and have ordered a webcam. The future’s looking bright.”