PETA outraged by Panzerhund abuse in Wolfenstein II

Wolfenstein II: PETA Outraged By Panzerhund Abuse

PETA have begun a new campaign highlighting the latest example of violence against animals in video games.

This time, their righteous crusade is against Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and the depiction of the Panzerhunds utilised by Nazi forces.

“It’s barbaric how makers of video games think it’s okay to shoot guns at beautiful creatures, even ones more machine that animal.” said PETA’s spokesperson.

“Having the main hero use weaponry to make them explode only promotes violence against animals.”

There is also concern about the way the player can pick up Panzerhund scraps for armour, with PETA claiming it was “basically the same thing as wearing fur”.

The animal rights organisation also expressed outrage at players riding on a Panzerhund to “murder its owners,” fearing that it could lead to worldwide copycat assaults.

“It’s clear that these nerd coders at MachineGames have little respect for animals. We demand they remove the Panzerhund from their games immediately.”

When we asked PETA if shooting Nazi’s was preferable to shooting giant robotic dogs, they were quick to respond.

We’re cool with that. It’s why we have the 2nd Amendment in America.”