Resident Evil 7 Makes Fan Literally Shit Himself

Played from a first person perspective, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard sees players search the derelict Baker plantation only for things to quickly go wrong.

Gregg Turner was shocked to find himself sitting in a pile of his own shit after only twenty minutes with the survival horror game (more like a few hours we suspect) .

“I just couldn’t believe it.” adds Gregg from Kent, now showered and changed. “One minute I’m searching the house, the next Marguerite is chasing me. I shit a brick.”

The offending moment.

Not only did Gregg have an ‘accident’, but his girlfriend was filming his first VR experience at the time.

“Normally he only ever does this after too many beers with the lads, but it was everywhere.” she said.  “It was all over our new cream sofa.” 

Chloe showed us the clearly visible stain, but also pointed out how she uploaded the offending footage to Facebook.

“His friends all had a laugh about it. They’ve bought him some nappies for the next time he plays. I’m not sure he’s keen.”