Daughter Accidentally Deletes 5000 Hour Skyrim Save. Father Contemplates Adoption.

A father from Leeds was inconsolable today after his daughter accidentally deleted his 5,000 hour Skyrim save.

Hoping to encourage his daughter to play video games, Shaun Wright allowed her to jump onto his beloved game while he spoke on the phone in another room.

When he returned fifteen minutes later, not only had she mistakenly erased his save but started out on a brand adventure.

Shaun’s wife, Sarah, is now gravely concerned for her husband’s health.

“He hasn’t spoke a word in days.” she said. “He just stares at his computer, sobbing. I’ve caught him looking at adoption papers a few times.”

Although Shaun was too upset to talk to Carrot On A Stick, we did manage to speak to his daughter.

“I feel so guilty and was only trying to make a new character. I thought she looked pretty.” said Emily.

Our condolences go out to the family.