Paragon: Phase Set To Receive Buffs In Latest Update

Paragon: Phase Set To Receive Epic Buffs In Latest Update

Paragon and its latest Hero will receive a fistful of buffs in the next update. Mason Moor, lead hero designer, confirmed to us this morning that Epic weren’t quite happy with her kit.

“She’s not a very popular hero. We felt her kit needed some tuning” said Chad.

“Her blind has a too short duration.” he added. “3 seconds isn’t really a long time to achieve anything so we’re doubling the duration of her blind and removing the slow component of her Energy Lance.”

“According to Epic and despite a fanfare on her launch, Phase is rarely seen in any matches.”

The slow component of her ranged attack is being replaced by an instant root with repeated exposure to the beam increasing its duration.

Chad went on to state that, “Her Hyperflux ultimate ability wasn’t quite cutting it in comparison to many other support heroes, so we’ve doubled the values and lowered its cooldown by 40 seconds.”

Can players expect anything else from the Phase improvements?

“Absolutely!” says Chad. “We’ve changed the white screen when blinded so that it’s now much brighter. We felt it didn’t hurt your eyes quite enough; especially in a dark room.”

The next update for Paragon, version 40.2, is due to go live on Wednesday 31 May.