Overwatch: Blizzard Confirm Torbjörn Gauranteed Play Of The Game

Overwatch fans can rejoice today after Blizzard confirmed that Torbjörn, the much loved turret engineer, will always receive Play of the Game. With fans of the game having already raised a petition to make it happen, Blizzard have answered.

For anyone who is unaware, Torbjörn is one of Overwatch’s most popular Heroes. Capable of using an automated turret, it takes a great deal of skill in order to position and repair it correctly. Unlike several other Heroes that are easy to play, Torbjörn is incredibly challenging. So much so that it’s difficult to not only secure kills, but to also multi-task. Repairing your turret while keeping an eye on the battlefield is – at times – exhausting.

Overwatch: Blizzard Confirm Torbjörn To Always Receive Play Of The Game
He might look the part but Torbjörn is a complicated and challenging Hero.

Blizzard have today release a statement in response to the petition, as well as several key Reddit posts, acknowledging that Torbjörn deserves being rewarded due to his skill ceiling. They’ve agreed to ensure that for every match Torbjörn is played (irrespective of what he accomplishes) he will always be given Play of the Game. Blizzard’s official statement states the following:


“We’ve been concerned for some time that Torbjörn has failed to receive the reward and recognition he deserves for being so challenging. When we set out to design him, we wanted his difficulty to be easy. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened and we understand the communities frustrations.

Poor tracking and low damage on his sentry turret – combined with the need to actually collect Scrap – resulting in him having to actually leave his turret – is not what we intended. With that in mind, we’ll be making the following changes in an upcoming balance patch.

Turrets will have their accuracy increased.

Turret damage will be significantly increased.

Turret build time will be halved.

Level 3 Turrets will become base with Molten Core providing a Level 4 Turret.

Repairing your turret will now apply a heal over time to it, requiring Torbjörn to only hit it once.

Scrap will now travel to Torbjörn as long as he is within 100 meters of it.

In addition to these changes, we’ll also be looking at improving Torbjörn’s Rivet Gun. At the moment it’s difficult to aim and its projectiles are slow. It’s likely we’ll make it hitscan, allowing him to instantly deal damage to anyone who enters his reticle.

Finally and in an effort to encourage Torbjörn play, we’ll be ensuring that he’ll always be guaranteed Play of the Game. We feel this is important for not only rewarding players who choose to play him but it should also act as encouragement for other players to give him a try.”


There’s no word yet on when Blizzard will deliver the Overwatch patch, but our source states it should happen “within the next few weeks”.  We’ll keep you posted.