Rocket League: Man Tries To Recreate Game. Calls Wife To Rescue Him

On Saturday morning a man from Barlborough found himself stuck in mud after driving onto his local football pitch in an attempt to recreate Rocket League. Rodney King not only drove onto the football pitch, but eventually had to call for help from his wife whose father towed him to safety.

Expecting Sunday football and having arrived on the wrong day, Mr. King’s best efforts to recreate the popular multiplayer game ended before he could even retrieve his giant inflatable football out of the car’s boot. Rocket League sees players control a rocket-powered car and use it to hit a ball towards the other team’s goal area to score points.

“I just wanted to try my hand at recreating Rocket League and didn’t realize I’d got the wrong day.” Mr. King went on to add that, “My wife wasn’t pleased. She was watching Saturday Kitchen and had to get her dad to tow me out. The car’s a real mess. It’ll cost at least five pounds to put right.”

Mr. King stated that his intention was to arrive at the match on Sunday and drive onto the field at halftime, before releasing the inflatable football from his boot and hopefully – in front of a cheering crowd – score a goal. Sadly for him, the weather had other ideas. “It’d rained all day Friday so I never made it onto the side of the pitch, the car just wouldn’t move. It’s such a shame.”

Man Tries To Recreate Rocket League. Calls Wife To Tow Him To Safety
An attempt was made.

Mr. King’s wife, Sonya, isn’t surprised at her husband’s efforts as she’s followed his passion for Rocket League from the began playing. “He wrote to Toyota several times about the possibility of them making it a real sport. When they didn’t reply back he decided to take matters into his own hands. He’s very resourceful.”

Once local residents heard of Mr. King’s attempt to invade the football pitch they not only decided to visit him at the scene, but took photographs for the local newsletter. “The last exciting thing to happen here was Ken Wilson at number 46 growing a particularly large marrow.

What does Mr King’s father in law think of his behavior? “I really think he’s onto something. Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of cars knocking a ball about a field? He really tried to do something special. He even had a slogan prepared: The rocket-boosted car in front is a Toyota.”

Carrot On A Stick has reached out to Toyota and Rocket League developer, Psyonix, for comment.

  • A sterling effort, if you ask me.