WildStar: Husband Buys Valentine’s Gift. Wife Files For Divorce.

WildStar fan and hopeless romantic Michael Flatley thought he’d surprise his wife this year with a unique item from their Valentine collectionUnfortunately for him she has filed for Divorce today citing irreconcilable differences.

Although Mr Flatley was too upset to talk to Carrot On A Stick, we did manage to contact his soon to be ex-wife, Susan, who was more than willing to speak to us. “After ten years together I really wanted this weekend to be special. I’d a huge surprise planned for us with a meal and fancy underwear.” she went on to add that “Instead he bought me a love themed bed and an ugly toy holding a heart.”

Despite Susan appreciating the sentiment behind her husbands gifts, she was less than impressed by the fact she doesn’t even own a PC or know what WildStar is. “What use is a digital Valentine’s day gift if I can’t even use it? Michael said it would look great in his WildStar house. I can barely use my iPhone nevermind navigate a person online.”

One of the offending purchases.
The offending item.

For anyone unaware, the items in question can be obtained in WildStar a free to play massively multiplayer game where players can have their own housing plot. You’re then able to decorate it as you see fit and in this instance, a selection of Valentine’s day items are available.

“What’s worse is that he spent money in WildStar to get these items – that I can’t use – and he had no bloody money left to buy me anything. What did I get yesterday morning? A request to and have a look at his bloody housing plot on his PC. He didn’t even get me a card!”

When asked whether there was any possibility of her and her husband putting aside their differences, Susan was quick to put down the idea. “Absolutely not. Last year he bought me a bunch of roses in Guild Wars 2. What am I supposed to do with some flowers I can’t even smell? This was the last straw.”

Carrot On A Stick will continue to contact Michael in an attempt to hear his side of the story. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Spencer Dinan

    That’s sort of depressing.

    • A true tale of sadness at such a happy time of year… 😀