PETA Lodges Complaint Against Ark: Survival Evolved

In an unexpected move, PETA today lodged an official complaint against developer, Studio Wildcard and their game, Ark: Survival Evolved. In what some are describing as the first steps to legal action, PETA is insisting that not only does Ark promote violence towards animals, but that the suffering of dinosaurs is unacceptable in any modern society.

For anyone unaware, Ark: Survival Evolved sees players survive in a harsh landscape against hostile humans and creatures, using firearms and improvised weapons to defend themselves. Dinosaurs play a key part in the gameplay.

PETA spokesman, Lardo Bright, was incensed at not only the games violence towards dinosaurs and other creatures, but the total disregard for their welfare.

“It’s unacceptable. Players killing dinosaurs, in their thousands, is absolutely despicable. There’s every chance that if players continue to kill them at their current rate, they’ll be extinct by the end of the month.”

Ark: Survival Evolved

When asked how he and PETA intended to not only stop the sale of the game but the continued access players have to it, Lardo was quick to deliver a raft of proposals.

“We want it shut down. Some of these animals have families – babies of their own. We’ve got to put a stop to it. At the moment, we’ve printed a handful of flyers and held a meeting at Starbucks to go over our plan of attack. We’re gaining momentum: three people have already signed our petition.”

Seemingly one of the main issues PETA has with Ark: Survival Evolved isn’t just the destruction of dinosaurs, but the taming of them. With, in their words, “uncompromising standards on animal welfare”, PETA are trying their best to stop people taming such creatures.

“Listen, we get it. Dinosaurs are cute. But these are living, breathing creatures that need to run free and enjoy their lives. Right now people are stopping them from doing that. Dinosaurs don’t want to be cooped up in someone’s house, staring at four walls all day. They want to get out and socialize with their friends.”

PETA are no stranger to controversy and have for many years nurtured a reputation for conflict.

“We’re not here to cause conflict. We’re here to fight for the rights of all animals, big or small. We’ve all seen the latest Jurassic Park. Look at the stress and suffering they were put through, all for the sake of an amusement park. We can’t let it continue any longer.”

Carrot On A Stick has contacted Studio Wildcard for comment.

  • Rory Cloud

    PETA literally never fail to amaze 😀

  • Jordan

    This is so typical of PETA!

    It’s almost like that time they tried to stop Minecraft players hurting cows by making their own server!

    Absolutely insane!

  • Alez

    Do they think that dinosaurs are still alive and around? Lol it kinda sounds like they do.

  • Kyle ortiz

    It’s just a game there are worse and will be worse to come if it was real life than your point would be more valid but even then there are people really abusing animals and sinning them and hunting for fun and you guys are worried about a game??? You are all a sad excuse for animal rights or whatever the fuck you call yourselves idk cause I don’t care and nobody else does

  • PETA strikes again 😀

  • Ronald

    Lol they are extinct. Who cares other than it being a awesome game

  • Wtf wow ( we got 4
    People who signed the petition already) what that ain’t gona stop u from over coming 5 million people who support the game

  • John Doe

    lmao this is so hilarious. PETA is one of my favorite comedians, right next to Kevin Hart. xD