Man Sues NCSoft – Sick Of Looking At Cats Backside

Blade and Soul developer NCSoft are facing a fresh lawsuit this morning after plaintiff, Mark Bright, filed with California Criminal Court. Bright is seeking damages due to the continued “psychological trauma” caused by Blade and Soul and specifically, the Summoner class.

Bright alleges is in his lawsuit that from the Headstart period to present date – having played Blade and Soul for a total of 36.8 hours – that the Summoner class has exposed him to “excessive feline rears” and “continued exposure to inappropriate feline imagery.”

To provide context on this matter, Blade and Soul offers one of several playable classes. The Summoner, the class in question, is able to utilise a feline companion of their choosing. Once chosen, the cat will follow you everywhere you go and will also fight alongside you in battle. The cat is an integral part of the class and key to its playstyle.

Bright goes on to further allege that such continued exposure made him not only question the love of his own wife, but that of his cat, Bagpuss. He claims that his pet companion in Blade and Soul provided “unconditional love and affection at all times, without asking for anything in return.” The impact of this, he goes on to add, is irreparable damage to his real life relationships.

Unsurprisingly, Bright is claiming significant damages as well as a public apology from NCSoft. Although the South-Korean based publisher and developer have yet to respond, Bright answered our requests for comment.

“Pumpkin not only listened to what I had to say, but she’d let me dress her up in anything I wanted. She was dressed as a Frog and looked adorable. I tried dressing Bagpuss up in similar but I had to go to the hospital for stitches. He’s so ungrateful.”

Bright provided further details about his and Pumpkin’s relationship.

“We’d do fun things together like kill bosses or explore the countryside. My wife never wanted to do anything like that. She just sits and watches The Biggest Loser while eating Ben and Jerry’s.”

Seemingly at some point the relationship between Bright and Pumpkin soured and went from one of affection to frustration and annoyance.

“I just grew tired of constantly having to look at her backside. Everywhere we went, she was behind me blocking my view. You can’t even see my character because of the bloody cat. It’s even worse when we fly through the air together. The camera’s practically up its arse.”

Bright was kind enough to send a screenshot of his character and Pumpkin, linked below.

Man Sues NCSoft - Sick Of Looking At Cats Backside
A fine feline rear.

Most importantly of all, what does Bright hope to achieve from this lawsuit?

“I’m ready to move on from Pumpkin and my wife with some money behind me. This lawsuit should do that. I think I’m more of a dog person. I hear Fallout 4 offers that kind of relationship. I just hope I don’t have to look at a Dogs backside instead. Does it walk alongside you?”

We’ve reached out to NCSoft for comment.