Guild Wars 2: Colin Johanson Takes Train Driving Lessons. Hype!

According to our source, ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson has begun to take train driving lessons so that he can drive his very own hype train. Encouraged by a love of locomotives from his childhood and the Guild Wars 2 community who have regularly made him a meme, he finally took the plunge several months ago and booked lessons.

The source stated that, “Colin’s always laughed about the images that the Guild Wars fans have made of him, but he has always loved trains. He’s been having two lessons a week for the past few months. Mike O’Brien is really supportive.”

Learning to become a train driver is a lengthy process and involves a great deal more than simply stepping behind the wheel and can take several months of rigorous testing. “Colin hasn’t been phased by the schedule. He’s already made several solo trips and he’s so confident he’ll get his licence – the ArenaNet team have ordered a new promotional train for the next Guild Wars 2 expansion. It’ll tour the country for a couple of months with him behind the wheel.”

Guild Wars 2: Colin Johanson Learning To Be A Train Driver. Wants His Own Hype Train
Guild Wars 2 fans know how to photoshop.

Although we weren’t able to reach Colin for comment, Carrot On A Stick also understands that the cost of his lessons have been covered by a variety of charity events that ArenaNet have organized throughout the Seattle area. “Their bake sale selling Omnomberry Bar’s was a triumph and raised enough money to not only fund the lessons and the ArenaNet promo-train, but a full-life-sized model of a Quaggan. It even makes an OoooooOOOOoooo! sound when you walk past it.

Does Colin’s new career path spell the end for his game development? “Not at all. He’ll be staying at ArenaNet, but he did mention he’d also like to be a ticket conductor at some point. We all think the hat and suit would look well on him.”

We’ll keep you posted of any results from Colin’s exam once we hear the news. All aboard!

  • Please let me know when I can buy tickets! 😀