Crowfall Partners With Game of Thrones For Exclusive Items

ArtCraft Entertainment have revealed that they’ve officially partnered with HBO and author, George R. R. Martin, to release Game of Thrones themed items into Crowfall.

Having already been referred to as “the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Eve Online” it was only a matter of time until the development team utilized some of the popular fantasy series’ potential.

You might be wondering how ArtCraft Entertainment could possibly shoehorn Game of Thrones into Crowfall, but according to Itemization Lead, Christopher Lannister, its been surprisingly easy. “We didn’t want to just throw in a bunch of Game of Thrones characters into Crowfall, that would be crazy. What we have done instead, as a thanks to HBO and George, is adding a select group of rare items and mini-pets.”

White Walkers already look amazing in Crowfall.
White Walkers already look amazing in Crowfall.

Collaborations between authors, film studios and game developers isn’t unique and the critical success of crossovers such as Street Fighter or Mario have clearly demonstrated that there’s consumer demand. We asked Christopher how ArtCraft have gone about designing these exclusive items. “It was fairly easy and we’ve made them difficult to obtain or find. There’s one mini-pet that’s a crow which will land on your shoulder and repeat phrases from the series. You can even feed it corn.” What about unique weapons? “Players will be able to find famous weapons such as Needle or Longclaw but there’s also cosmetic items such as Littlefinger’s Mockingbird Pin or The Hound’s Helm.”

Out of curiosity, we wanted to know whether there was any hesitation on ArtCraft Entertaiment’s part when they went into this deal. “Honestly, not at all. When you’re paid a lot of money to do something, it tends to iron out any wrinkles. As a team we’ve had three staff trips to Las Vegas from the partnership and have several more trips planned. Its been well worth it just to see J. Todd Coleman go wild on the roulette tables.”

With no date as to when these items will eventually make it into game (no doubt some time after Crowfall eventually launches) we’ll be sure to keep you up to date of any developments.