Black Desert Online Costumes Will Require A Blood Sacrifice

Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Daum found themselves in hot water last week after revealing rather expensive costume prices for their in-game store. Having released a statement that they’re always reviewing their systems, they’ve now confirmed future costumes will require a blood sacrifice and your first born child.

Not satisfied with charging $32 for a costume and weapon, Black Desert Online’s Monetization Manager, Eben Scrooge, has revealed the first details of their new pricing model. “We heard the player base loud and clear and understand that they were dissatisfied with the price of costumes. With that in mind, we’ve decided to change our model slightly. We’ll be keeping existing prices as they are and instead we’ll be implementing legendary costumes.”

Eben went on to add describe how the new legendary costumes will not only give a 25% bonus to all attributes but they’ll also require a blood sacrifice in, as well as written confirmation that you’re willing to give away your first born child to the studio. “I appreciate that people might think this is a lot to ask of our players.” says Eben “but we feel that once they see the quality of the costumes and weapons available from the store, they’ll be more than willing to do this.”

Black Desert Online: New Costumes Will Require A Blood Sacrifice
For $32 you too can look like a bush. Bargain.

Black Desert Online players will be able to request a Blood Sacrifice Kit and First Born Contract from Pearl Abyss store and once they have, it’s dispatched to their address. Requiring just a pin-prick of blood and your signature, you can then send both items back to the development studio. Once they receive them, your account will be flagged and you’ll be able to purchase the legendary costumes. Is that the end of the transaction, though? Not quite. “After we receive both the blood sample and contract back from the player, they’ll then be able to purchase the costume. Currently we’re pricing it at around $500. From the research we’ve done, that’s fairly cheap for the quality on offer.”

When we asked Eben whether he thought Pearl Abyss were asking too much of their player base, he was quick to ease any fears. “As a buy to play game we’ve already shown we’re willing to provide a balanced store that’s cheap and affordable for everyone. All we’re now doing now is offering another tier for those fully committed to Black Desert Online.”

Before we finished speaking to Eben, we wanted to know whether the studio was happy with providing players a 25% bonus to their attributes when it’s behind a paywall. “We like to think of this as pay for convenience rather than pay to win. A 25% boost is marginal in the grand scheme of things and will help players who aren’t skilled or who don’t want to constantly grind for the best gear. We’re trying to support those individuals as much as possible.”

Although there’s no news on when these new costumes will enter the in-game store, you can expect it to be some time after launch.

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