Ark: Survival Evolved To Implement Pokemon-Style Arena Battles

In what is becoming a busy few weeks for Ark: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard, they’ve today confirmed that they will soon be implementing Pokemon-style battles using baby dinosaurs that players can breed.

In what will become a competitive aspect to Ark outside of its survival elements, the dino-battles are to be a tactical affair with all varieties of available dinosaurs having strengths and weaknesses as well as unique skills.

Technical expert and lead designer, Dennis Nedry, has not only been working on this concept for the past 12 months, but believes it’ll take the Ark communities love of breeding dinosaurs to a whole new level. “Everyone loves Pokemon. Everyone loves dinosaurs. It’s the perfect combination for Ark: Survival Evolved and will bring another layer to an already deep game.”

Ark: Survival Evolved To Implement Pokemon-Style Arena Battles
Gotta tame’em all!

Unsurprisingly there’s a significant building element to the Dinosaur Battles. Players will have the freedom to not only construct their own arenas, but build them up to the point where they’re huge gladiator-style venues. “We want these to be a spectacle. Everyone at FatShark loves Gladiator or Mad Max and the Thunderdome and we wanted to tap into that epicness.”

So what will the Dinosaur Battles entail? “Well, it’s fairly simple. You can challenge anyone else once you step into the arena. Once you do, the doors close and you’ll have your baby dinosaur in front of you. You’ll then be able to select some skills, and take it in turns to fight.”

One of the concerns Carrot On A Stick had when talking to Dennis was the fact that it could potentially feel too slow paced, when players are used to fast first person action. Dennis wanted to quickly dispel any doubts. “I know when I play Pokemon, the blood is pumping. You’re absolutely buzzing at what could happen, what Pokemon they’ll use and what skills. It doesn’t matter that it’s cute or turn based, the same applies here. The Dinosaur Battles get pretty frantic.”

Before we finished speaking to Dennis and because he had a plane to catch, he wanted to reassure people that this new system will be done right. “We’ve worked hard on this. The first thing we made sure was working were micro-transactions for costumes that you can have on your dinosaurs. Who wouldn’t want to see a dinosaur with rabbit ears or a pair of sunglasses?”

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more.