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PETA Lodges Complaint Against Ark: Survival Evolved

In an unexpected move, PETA today lodged an official complaint against developer, Studio Wildcard and their game, Ark: Survival Evolved. In what some are describing as the first steps to legal action, PETA is insisting that not only does Ark promote violence towards animals, but that the suffering of dinosaurs is unacceptable in any modern society.

Star Citizen Partners With Lego For Exclusive Ships

At the start of last week I had the good fortune of sitting down with Chris Roberts to talk about Star Citizen. Although I’ve been critical of the game in the past, it’s a rare opportunity to talk face to face with an industry veteran. While that interview is still under embargo until next week, Chris has been kind enough to allow us to reveal one specific area that they hope will not only increase the publicity surrounding the game, but secure additional backers.