Made up of a dedicated team spanning the globe and with over 40,000 years of experience between us, Carrot On A Stick is one of the internet’s leading gaming outlets. With more than 100 million unique visitors every month, we provide unparalleled coverage of the video game industry.

Having received worldwide acclaim over the past decade, there are few awards we haven’t won: Ballon D’or (our office team tried Football for a bit – it wasn’t for us but our captain was pretty good), Nobel Peace Prize (we suggested stop killing each other, “you twats”) and a box full of Pulitzer Prizes (they sell great on EBay).

Carrot On A Stick is also proud to support a variety of good causes throughout the world, including ‘Save The Onion’ and ‘Run 4 Hemorrhoids’. At the time of writing, both charities have received over $500 billion from our continued efforts.

Carrot On A Stick is available in all known and several newly discovered countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these stories real?

Absolutely not. We’re here to entertain through satire.

Can I sue you?

You could certainly try but we have no money (it all goes to the above two charities) and we’re protected by pretty robust freedom of speech laws.

How can I work for you?

At this point we aren’t hiring but when we are, we’ll be sure to publicize it on the front page.

Do you take submissions?

We don’t. Although our workforce is in excess of several hundred thousand, we can’t spare the man power to read through all submissions. Should that change, we’ll let everyone know.

Are you able to receive feedback?

Sure! Head to our contact page and fill in our form. We’ll get the tea boy to respond as quickly as possible.

What if I would like to advertise on your site?

Similarly to the above, please use our contact page and be certain to state clearly in the subject header that you want to give us money.

Do you have a newsletter?

We sure do. Head to our homepage and on the lower right-hand side you can sign up. We’ll send a newsletter once we get around to it.